Mohan Singh

Founder of the Jungle Trip

Mohan Singh is a keen wildlife and nature enthusiast and started The Junggle Trip in 2019. But has been leading wildlife & hospitality experience trips all across India over 10 years and a true travel companion for wildlife lovers. He has worked in multiple roles such as managing wildlife lodges and also led various wildlife tour groups. He has also worked in Bhartapur, Pench, Kanha, Bandhavgarh, Tadoba, and Ranthambhore National Parks.

He establishes a very good understanding along with his guests at a short span of time and delivers at his best the wildlife experience as per the taste of the clients. He is very good in spotting mammals & birds while driving in the park.

He is also involved in wildlife photography and shares photography tips with his clients. He feels proud to be the part of Indian wildlife Society.

Mahendra Singh

Co Founder of the Jungle Trip

Naturalists are the folks who helped promote and educate the general public about the need for untouched wilderness Mahendra Singh doing same job from 17 years who basically started the outdoor tourism industry in India. He spends more than 300 days in the jungle in a year and always keen to learn new things from little ants to tigers.

In his free time, Mahendra Singh loves to write about wildlife, and has several articles published in wildlife magazines and on various websites as well.

Michael Wysocki


Michael Wysocki is an American born biologist. Raised on an Island in the South Carolina LowCountry, Michael developed his connection to nature at an early age. He attended James Cook University of Queensland, and received a degree in Environmental Science. He remained in Australia as a Big Cat keeper at the Cairns Wildlife Safari Reserve, and assisted in the building of a primate rescue center in the Amazon. While working at the worlds first Elephant Hospital in Northern Thailand, Michael photographed and documented the every day life of working captive Asian Elephants.

During this life journey, Michael has come to believe that Eco-tourism could be the key to preservation, while providing great adventures at the same time!

Michael continues to travel the world as a Guide. He spends part of his time in Miami, where he guides nature tours through the famous Florida Everglades. He also works as a producer of photo shoots and freelances as a travel writer and photographer. One of his favorite trips is to the Indian Jungle where he encounters Wild Tigers. Michael’s love for the jungle is immense and contagious.

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